Tongång Catalogue


This album is based on the tunes of the fiddle player Anton Jernberg (1909-1990), who lived in Österbybruk in northern Uppland, but who came from a line of fiddlers from southern Gästrikland, and his tunes were both from this tradition and from the nyckelharpa tradition of Österbybruk. All the nine musicians on this recording have played with him, and carry on playing his tunes. Curt Tallroth, Sven Ahlbäck, and Jeanette Jansson play the fiddle, and Sture Sahlström, Hans Gille, Kurt Södergren, Esbjörn Hogmark, Sture Hogmark, and Per Gustaf Jernberg play the nyckelharpa
Sound sample: Schottis

"...Kluriga låtar...Musikanterna på denna hörvärda CD har ett gediget kunnande och ett naturligt förhållande till sin musik..."

Lars Hökpers i Lira